about us

Douglas Brooks is an experienced boatbuilder who has
been studying and documenting traditional Japanese
boatbuilding techniques since 1996. He has apprenticed
with five boatbuilders from throughout Japan,
recording design secrets and techniques in order to preserve this
craft for future generations. He has written three books
(published in Japanese and English) , book chapters, and numerous


Koji Matano started as a glass artist and later became a
boatbuilder. He specializes in lapstrake canoes and small
sailboats. He translated into Japanese Building the
Herreshoff Dinghy, a book documenting the last
boatbuilder of the famous Herreshoff Manufacturing
Company. The original book was written by Barry Thomas
and published by Mystic Seaport Museum.

Suzuki Takumi is an experienced river guide and canoe builder.
He has organized several canoe events, such as Canoe Day, a gathering of
canoeists in Osaka and Takashima, as well as
an event to clean the tsunami debris using canoes in Ishinomaki.
He and his wife Yoshiko are now building a studio and house in Fukushima.